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A mobile app that offers users advanced IoT integration, enabling precise control and monitoring of indoor smart home appliances

Mobile App / Back-end / Website / Cloud / Design / IoT


Embarking five years ago, our journey with the Klarstein app from BBG has been truly remarkable. Starting with a blank canvas, our dedicated team has crafted a robust infrastructure, resulting in over 500K users(with 100K+ monthly active users) and generating $100M+ in revenue for BBG. Our contributions span various aspects – from developing mobile apps (iOS, Android) to designing a comprehensive CMS and creating a resilient back-end. Our back-end team tackled a formidable challenge with ingenious solutions for high-load systems. Notably, we seamlessly integrated the app with voice assistance platforms like Alexa and Google, empowering users to effortlessly control their devices by voice. OwnRock managed over half of all management tasks, underscoring our commitment to the project's success. The Klarstein IoT app, widely acclaimed in Germany and France, enjoys a broad geographical footprint across the entire EU.


Berlin Brands Group(BBG)

Team size

12 people

Number of users


Collaboration period

5+ years


IoT indoor devices

OwnRock is actively working on

  • Mobile App
  • Clouds(DevOps)
  • Back-end
  • Website(CMS)
  • QA(including Automation)
  • Rebranding(Design)

Tools that our team is using

ReactNative, GoogleCloud, Postgres, React, PHP, Symphony, API Platform, Firebase.
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