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Young, motivated, and proven – we've created successful mobile apps with 2M+ users, generating over $100M in revenue for our clients. Whether starting from scratch or providing ongoing support, we bring a fresh perspective and drive results.

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Strategic R&D Team Scaling for Rapid Product Growth

Rooted in Ukraine, OwnRock has evolved into a globally distributed team spanning the EU and the US. Despite our diverse locations, we operate as one united team, driven by a shared commitment. Our core expertise lies in skillfully establishing and scaling R&D teams for high-end, fast-growing product companies across diverse industries. Our seamless collaboration transcends borders, emphasizing a collective passion for innovation and excellence.

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Bakarr Kamara | OwnRock

I am impressed with OwnRock's innovative approach to problem-solving and their ability to generate fresh ideas. Throughout every stage of our projects, they demonstrate a profound level of engagement, showcasing a deep commitment to the development process. Collaboration with OwnRock is seamless and enjoyable, making it exceptionally easy to work together.

Bakarr Kamara

SVP at Berlin Brands Group

Peter Chaljawski | OwnRock

We have been delighted to partner with ownRock since 2018. Over the course of our collaboration, we have achieved significant milestones together. The team at ownRock has consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, responsibility, and flexibility. Their commitment to excellence has greatly contributed to our success.

Peter Chaljawski

Founder and CEO at Berlin Brands Group

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