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IoT App

This application offers users seamless control and monitoring for their smart appliances

Mobile App / Website / Cloud / Design / IoT


Introducing our latest IoT project, currently under NDA. While we're limited to sharing screenshots and minimal details, this groundbreaking project represents a new era in IoT innovation. Featuring advanced marketing tools, the app is strategically designed to boost device sales among brand-loyal users. Drawing on our extensive expertise, we've seamlessly integrated crucial new features. OwnRock's comprehensive coverage for this project spans design, CMS, mobile apps (iOS, Android), and a sophisticated deployment system, ensuring a holistic and cutting-edge approach to smart technology.



Team size

14 people

Collaboration period

4+ months


IoT smart devices

OwnRock is actively working on

  • Mobile App
  • Clouds(DevOps)
  • Website(CMS)
  • QA
  • Design

Tools that our team is using

ReactNative, AWS, Postgres, React, Python, Firebase.
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