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A mobile app that enables users to actively contribute to a culture of safety, compliance, and quality, fostering collaboration and efficiency in the management of EHSQ processes

Mobile App / Cloud / ESG


The Intelex project encompassed the creation of a mobile application to optimize access to the Intelex system. This app enables real-time capture and reporting of incidents, observations, and EHSQ tasks, enriching the EHSQ system with crucial front-line data. As integral members of Intelex's internal team, the core part of OwnRock actively collaborated on the development of the Intelex mobile app and a custom automation QA system. The experience was valuable, requiring our seamless integration into their team dynamics and adherence to specific protocols as we jointly crafted the mobile app and QA system.


Intelex Technologies Inc.

Team size

8 people

Number of users


Collaboration period

2+ years


Environmental, Social, and Governance(ESG), EHSQ

OwnRock is actively working on

  • Mobile App
  • Clouds(DevOps)
  • QA(including Automation)

Tools that our team is using

ReactNative, Realm, React, Appium.
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