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An IoT mobile app offers users advanced IoT integration for effortless control and real-time monitoring of outdoor smart devices

Mobile App / Back-end / Website / Cloud / Design / IoT


As the second project for BBG, following the success of Klarstein, OwnRock continues its collaboration with the creation and ongoing development of the Blumfeldt project. Commencing three years ago, our mission was to leverage ZigBee technologies for the seamless control of outdoor smart devices such as patio heaters, smart sockets, door sensors, and more. With over 20,000 users and a rapidly expanding user base, Blumfeldt has become a dynamic force in the smart outdoor device landscape. Our comprehensive contributions encompass the development of mobile apps (iOS, Android), the design of an intuitive CMS, and the establishment of a resilient back-end infrastructure. This project not only exemplifies our technical prowess but also underscores our commitment to pioneering innovative solutions that enhance the user experience in the realm of smart technology.


Berlin Brands Group(BBG)

Team size

4 people

Number of users


Collaboration period

3+ years


IoT outdoor devices

OwnRock is actively working on

  • Mobile App
  • Clouds(DevOps)
  • Back-end
  • Website(CMS)
  • QA(including Automation)
  • Rebranding(Design)

Tools that our team is using

ReactNative, GoogleCloud, Postgres, React, PHP, Symphony, API Platform, Firebase.
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